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ClearStar Sponsors Free Webinar with Current Consulting Group on How to Ensure Drug Testing Program Is Legally Defensible

Posted on Tuesday, November 8th, 2022

On Wednesday, December 7, 2022, ClearStar will sponsor a free webinar on “How to Ensure Your Drug Testing Program Is Legally Defensible” hosted by Bill Current, the President and Founding Partner of the Current Consulting Group (CCG). To register for the free webinar – from 11 AM to 12 PM Pacific Standard Time (2 PM to 3 PM Eastern Standard Time) – click here.

Widely considered one of the nation’s top experts on drug testing, Current will discuss the three “C’s” of a legally defensible program: compliance, comprehensiveness, and consistency. He will explain how to consider the various state laws and federal regulations that apply to screening applicants and employees for drugs and alcohol. Webinar earning objectives include:

How to define legal defensibility in terms of workplace drug testing
The essential components of a comprehensive drug-free workplace program
How to ensure compliance with drug testing laws and regulations
How different drug testing methods affect legal defensibility
Legal defensibility in the age of legal marijuana

Drug testing is a complicated process, scientifically and legally, and must be done perfectly every time or else providers and users expose themselves to legal liability. Due to a highly litigious society, legal defensibility should be a top priority for both sellers and buyers of drug testing. To register for the webinar sponsored by ClearStar on December 7, 2022, click here.

Current founded CCG in 1998 and it is the number one recognized brand name in compliance, business development, and operations consulting in the drug testing industry. He also created Current Compliance, the only comprehensive online subscription database for all state workplace drug testing laws, and has authored several books on substance-related issues.

ClearStar is a leading Human Resources technology company specializing in background checks, drug testing, and occupational health screening. ClearStar offers drug testing that is fully integrated with major laboratories. ClearStar and CCG have also provided several webinars on the subject of drug testing. For more information, contact ClearStar today.

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