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Professional Drug Screening Vs. Drug Testing At Home

Posted on Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

If you are going to receive a drug test, an herbal detox supplement and at-home drug test isn’t enough to ensure good results. There is just too much at stake for unreliable remedies and tests.

The results of a drug test can have a dramatic impact on a person’s life. The outcome can decide whether someone gets a job, promotion, or disability compensation. If you are going to drug test yourself, you can affordably and discreetly order your test online and get tested at a facility near you.

More reliable results

At-home drug test have a limited amount of options, if you know what to look for, you might pick the right test, but what if you aren’t sure? Lab based screening processes can cover an entire spectrum of drugs, anything from marijuana to steroids.

The other problem with at-home tests is that even if you follow the directions precisely, you don’t know if the test is reliable. Any number of things can happen when you self assess. If an employer is testing, the process will be different. A lab environment is sterile, monitored and controlled, all of which add to the tests accuracy.

If there is a positive result with an at-home test, the positive isn’t necessarily reliable. At-home require a second step of mailing the specimen to a lab for a more thorough review. You might not get conclusive results for weeks.

See what the doctors see

In a laboratory environment, a positive initial screening is automatically entered into a second testing phase that ensures 99.9999% accuracy. Negative results come within a couple of days. A positive result might take a few days more.

A positive result results in a call from a doctor and a thorough report of the test results. Not only will you see what the doctors see, you can discuss the results with them too.

Don’t hand your destiny over to chance. If you are going to be screened for drugs and you suspect the test might be positive, you don’t have to lose sleep wondering. For less than $40 you can know exactly what the test will show before being tested.

We are confidential at every step in the process. When the employer pays, there is no confidentiality. Positive results aren’t reported to anyone or to the police. You can elect to have it sent to people like a probation officer, judge, or attorney.

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